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Editorial Team

 Rev. C. Perry Dougherty

Rev. C. Perry Dougherty

Rev. Perry Dougherty serves as a facilitator, spiritual director, and writer in her role as Executive Director of Still Harbor. She has a background in working with non-profit social justice organizations. Perry tailors her programs, workshops, and efforts to explore how spiritual practice and creative exploration can enrich leadership for social justice. Perry is an ordained Interspiritual Minister.

 Nadia Colburn, Ph.D.

Nadia Colburn, Ph.D.

Nadia Colburn holds a Ph.D. in English from Columbia University and currently teaches writing and spirituality workshops. Her writing has appeared widely in such places as The New Yorker, Yes! Magazine, Boston Review, and Boston Globe Magazine.  Nadia is also an OI Aspirant in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hann, a Kundalini yoga teacher, and a Research Scholar at the Ronin Institute. Learn more at

 Elissa Melaragno

Elissa Melaragno

As a professional visual artist for thirty years, Elissa’s work, though held in many private collections, has been focused on public arts, especially in healthcare settings. Her training in several holistic healing modalities and as a spiritual director has informed her work as an art instructor to include creativity, the mandala, and inner exploration as a source of growth, healing, and vocational enrichment.



Be part of a different kind of conversation about equity, peace, and healing.


Submit your article, reflection, poem, or art to become part of a creative source of media invested in sharing diverse spiritual voices that speak to the personal, social, and political experiences of the 21st century.

Anchor editors are particularly interested in personal narratives, spiritual practices, articles sharing expertise through stories, and poetic or artistic expressions that contemplate the work of peace, justice, and healing; faith-based experiences of service, activism, and social change; issue areas of race, gender, and environment; and hopeful inspirations.


Please email us your submission (.doc) with a cover page that includes your name, email, address, and a brief 1-3 sentence biographical statement. For articles, reflections, and short fiction, please submit only one piece per email. For poetry, you may include up to five poems within one email. For fine art, we ask that you submit thumbnails in a document with an artist's statement. 

SUBMIssions accepted on rolling basis

Send your submission and/or questions to Estimated word count and other details as you prepare your submission are as follows: 

  • Reflections (750-1000 words)
  • Articles (short: 1500-2500 or long: 3500-4500)
  • Fiction (1500-3500)
  • Poems (no more than five poems)
  • Fine Art (a small collection of four to eight images labeled with specs/titles plus a brief artist statement)

submit by March 1, 2018