Mercy Seat

by Michael Sherrill

Artist Statement

I am compelled by the sensation of seeing things fresh, as if for the first time. It is as if I have been asleep, and, when I wake up, I am surprised by the things that surround me. 

In my case, it is the flora and fauna surrounding my studio that continue to surprise me. For me, these discoveries are epiphanies. My desire is to create something that might bring its observer to the same place of discovery. 

It is one thing for me to respond to a stimulant and then to make work. It is another thing for that work to go the next step and bring a likewise response from the viewer.



PHOTOGRAPHS and sculpture BY Michael Sherrill

Michael Sherrill has lived in the western North Carolina mountains since 1974.  He considers himself a materials-based artist, experimenting primarily in the media of metal, clay, and glass.  At the heart of his interest is the intersection of where humans and materials meet in both handmade objects and the natural world. His work resides in private, public, and museum collections internationally.

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