by Brian Braganza

Trying to find square on this round earth, 
we align our foundation. 
Link ley lines across cut grass. 
Calculate with our backs toward the North Star. 
Calibrate the rising sun over our left shoulders. 
Align the compass. 
Add the declination to find solar noon, 
each rising in the east a miracle. 
Dowse a watercourse, a spring fifty feet down and energy lines. 
Measure off twenty-nine by thirty-eight feet
and try to find square: 
3/4/5 triangles and equal diagonals. 
To move this string slightly west shifts that one north. 
As black flies paint blood-lines, 
we hammer in batter boards. 
This is how the land settles us.

Brian Braganza is a poet, social animator, facilitator, and changemaker who lives in a straw-bale house in Nova Scotia, Canada. He is completing a manuscript of poetry about the search for and building of home.