by Elissa Melaragno

I awaited the arrival
of the water bearer.

So anxious was I
for the treasure she bore
that I made the largest container
I could conceive of
within the circle of my arms.

As she poured the precious fluid
into my vessel
I was aware that it had no bottom—

the water
and all my hopes and desires for refreshment
flowed onto the earth.

My head dropped into my empty hands.
I wept.
For four days, I wept
until I could no more.

When my humbled heart and head
once again looked up
there stood before me
a tree of delicate dimensions
bearing fruits of finest color.

With pleasure I ate
and wept,
this time with ecstatic understanding
of my folly.



Elissa Melaragno (Editor) has been a professional visual artist for thirty years with her works primarily on display as public arts, especially in healthcare settings. Elissa uses her training in spiritual direction and several holistic healing modalities to inform her work as an art instructor. She incorporates creativity, the mandala, and inner exploration as a source of growth, healing, and vocational enrichment into her teaching.