Who Am I?

Who Am I?
By Burt Kempner

(Inspired by the wizardly Sam Keen)

For Proust, it was the taste of a small cake that unleashed a torrent of memories that took seven volumes to exhaust. For me, it was a simple phone call on an average day.

“Are you Burt Kempner?” she asked.

Instantaneously, every decision I made, every friendship I formed, every lover I left, every dream I harbored, every lie I told, every song I sang, every bird I watched, every desert floor I walked, and every promise I ever made flashed through my mind. This life review lasted for a fraction of a second, and then all I could do was stammer out what I knew to be my truth:

“Not yet.”

Burt Kempner is an award-winning writer-producer for film and television. His work has appeared on networks throughout the world, and he’s committed to creating programming of integrity and value to the viewer. His latest endeavor is RealLifeScripts, a coaching practice that lets people truly become the hero of their own stories by changing their life scripts.