Old Man and the Hills

Old Man and the Hills
by Sabyasachi Roy

The old man of the hills
is weaving a never ending mattress
of arboreal grass.

It’s dusk,
and the magic lantern of the horizon
is knitting an intricate geometric texture on his face.

An aspiring poet asks him about his probable belongings,
his unfinished mattress
and the depleting luminosity of his lantern. 

To this,
he raises his eyes from his mattress,
first time in a hundred million years,
smiles and answers—
“All I have is the resonance of this dense green shadow
and a long lost kin called God.” 



Sabyasachi Roy primarily writes his poetry in Bengali but recently started writing in English. He has been published in Stand, FourWsixteen, Linq, Quintessence, Voicesnet, Dicey Brown, Mindfire Renewed, The Potomac, Poetry Salzburg Review, 13th Warrior, Malleable Jangle, Underground Window, Real 8, Firstwriter, and Virtual Writer.