A Sacred Ritual

A Sacred Ritual
David Kupferman
Featured Artist

Painting for me is a sacred ritual that acts as a bridge between the inner oneness of pure consciousness and the outer manifestation of the art. My paintings are visual hymns—a celebration of the unity and diversity of life in joy and gratitude. I paint in a spontaneous manner, a kind of joyous improvisation. My best work is unanticipated and spontaneous and then augmented later. 

I am inspired by my many years of daily practice of Transcendental Meditation. By transcending the outer world of thoughts and perceptions, I experience the inner, subtle, and holistic level of unbounded awareness. Through my particular visual language, I’m expressing the eternal rhythms and patterns of nature—the flow of infinite consciousness that underlies everything as one vibrating field of energy. The work should resonate emotionally, giving you a feeling of harmony and unity and of ascension and freedom. 

Some of the paintings have references to the sea and sky where the boundaries between landscapes and abstracts merge. Others are purely abstract. There are often geometric, rectangular shapes that act as portals, doors, thresholds, and windows that facilitate movement in and out of the picture plane, flowing from outer perception to inner Being and creating a spatial balance between the lines and colors.  The geometric portals act as a counterpoint to the fluid gestural strokes of paint.  The work also relates to some of the architectural elements that you see in Persian and Indian miniatures with their fabulous color juxtapositions. These doorways become symbols and metaphors for the act of transcendence. My art integrates, and is informed by, both Eastern and Western aesthetics and philosophy.

The joy and love of going with the flow of very wet paint that moves in response to the Vedic hymns, Indian music, or jazz I listen to while working creates the aesthetic of my work. I’m concerned with space, form, light, movement, and especially color as well as their relationships or conversations. They are both atmospheric and concrete, pulsating between movement and stability. It’s this movement that takes the viewer on a journey from point to infinity, expressing the wholeness of life. The viewer also becomes a player in this aesthetic performance by bringing their own instrument of consciousness into the act of seeing. Their awareness and attention activates the painting and brings a new life to it. It is the viewer’s comprehension and appreciation of the work that creates their personal experience of inner transformation and joy.

In the past, I have lived in Boston and summered on Cape Cod where the sea light has a particular intensity. The sublime atmospheric vibrations of lighted skies and rhythmically flowing waves inspired my work. I currently live with great prairie skies in Fairfield, Iowa—a town focused on sustainable living, organic farming, and spiritual development. Here in Fairfield, more than a thousand meditators practice daily group meditations to create more coherence and peace in the world through the dynamic radiance of group consciousness. 

Learn more and see videos of my art at www.davidkupferman.com.


David Kupferman is a nationally known artist with works in 15 museums and more than 35 solo gallery shows. His lyric abstract paintings integrate Eastern and Western aesthetics and philosophy in celebration of the infinite flow of underlying light, the expansion of inner consciousness, and the Oneness of Being experienced by the viewer. He lived in Boston, summered on Cape Cod, and currently lives in Fairfield, Iowa. He is represented by WilkinsArt.com. Learn more at davidkupferman.com