Remembering: It Can Be Simple.

It Can Be Simple.
by Tina FireWolf

Chances are, as you read these words, you stand in the presence of Me—I Am right there in the pause of each syllable that beats like a drum in your mind.

And yet, you’ll pretend not to remember and not to feel.

Because pretending to be lost allows for all the glory of the drama of your searching for Me. I find so many people are more dedicated to weaving a great story of their search and personal growth than they are to actually remembering and knowing they are already where they long to be.

It just isn’t as glamorous and romantic as the search, now is it? I mean, honestly, to live a life of knowing you are already where you are meant to be so that you can step into serving your fellow humans from that place—not so sexy for you, is it? It wasn’t for me either.

We mold our lives around this search rather than living our truth of Being. We make excuses rather than owning our natural state. We buck and kick rather than accepting responsibility for our connection to “God,” or whatever you wish to call Me. We battle one another with definitions and claims on history rather than sinking beneath the chatter into the glory that lies within.

I mean, after all, isn’t it a necessity to possess a certification of epic proportion or proof of life long study? You know what I mean: when days are spent at the feet of someone whose name takes most of your focus to simply pronounce? Or perhaps, maybe, one must need to be indigenous in order to connect to this universal life spring of LOVE that so many of us seek. But, aren’t we all native to this Earth?

The real question is: are you done making remembering Me difficult?

Could it be as simple as making time each day to visit Me?

And could our visitation time be as simple as you looking down within yourself – literally looking down within - and asking to know Me? Asking to feel Me. Asking to be deeply rooted within the LOVE that I Am. Asking repeatedly within for my name to rise upon your tongue so that you would sing your Soul free.

What if that’s all it would take?

What if it were that simple? What if you were already there, free and clear, bold and beautiful, solid and knowing, and standing next to Me as I Am standing there with you?

You say: What? Who? Me? Well surely now, I can’t be that powerful, can I?

What if you are? What if within you there is Medicine waiting and wanting to rise from within you, and all you have to do is allow Me to sing you?

A spider weaves a web so it can catch its prey. Then, later, it eats it. Your ego does the same thing. Love it deeply. So it will let you go.     (Photograph by Tina FireWolf)

A spider weaves a web so it can catch its prey. Then, later, it eats it. Your ego does the same thing. Love it deeply. So it will let you go.
(Photograph by Tina FireWolf)

For I Am You, and You are Me.

Allow for the sounds of your Soul to escape onto your lips, so that you can remember that you are already there.

What if it’s all so much simpler than you believe or allow it to be? What if you are caught on a ride of searching and telling and retelling your tale of working to find Me? What if your searching outside of yourself is what is causing the disconnection in the first place?

Allowing is tough isn’t it? The mind isn’t your friend yet, is it? And you are still shoving aside fear and pretending as if you don’t contain our friend darkness, right?

Life dishes out plenty to learn from, doesn’t it? Are you solid enough to own up and learn from the lessons life hands you each day? Are you ready to step off the Merry-Go-Round of pretending and searching? And to enter the world of knowing and remembering and singing your Soul free?

But where is the fun in that?

It’s more fun to position yourself with a “master” who makes you feel good that you are associated with them, isn’t it? Then you don’t actually have to feel good about yourself and stand in your own truth. You can just talk about who you study with and feed your searching story.

I mean, where is the fun in being self-responsible and truly taking the time to know who you are? Being awakened by your everyday life just isn’t as luminous as going to Peru to work with a Shaman, now is it? Yet, if we pay attention to life, it has the same affect, now, doesn’t it?

My first year teaching Middle School Science taught me this in spades.

It was the first day of school, and I was ready. I had my Golden Rule for the class, desks were in rows, and my roster was in place. I stood proudly and said to my Science class:

“There is only one rule in our classroom: ‘Contain Thyself.’”

As I stood there feeling so deeply clever, I realized, as I pointed at them, there were three fingers pointing back at me.

My students were my Gurus. They basically shredded me and rebuilt me over the course of eight years. And during this time, life provided me with a trifecta of remembering: Divorce, Various Random Illnesses, and Major Financial Loss.

Isn’t it our greatest ache to reconnect to the wisdom of LOVE that is within us—to our own Unique Fire?  (Photograph by Tina FireWolf)

Isn’t it our greatest ache to reconnect to the wisdom of LOVE that is within us—to our own Unique Fire?
(Photograph by Tina FireWolf)

One day, while sleeping in my loft, I heard a booming voice—“Wake up or you will get cancer!”

I sat straight up in bed, and I challenged that big voice, saying, “Who said that?!” And I heard it again, except this time it was said more matter-of-factly: “Wake up or you will get cancer.”

The air hung still. I knew exactly what that voice was trying to tell me. I needed to step out of my story of searching and get back to the connection I had known since my feral youth on the farm.

It was time to stop the search, to take action, to truly remember, and to shift into leading my life from Stillness. One day, sounds began to spontaneously pour out of me—I was being sung. I heard clearly from within me, “Child, sing yourself whole.” And I did just that. I left all the definitions behind. I stepped out of the spiritual spin of longing and searching, and I stepped back into the world of connection I had always known. I sang and healed myself on every level imaginable.

I finally listened to my Soul—I began writing my contemplative photography book, I recorded my singing, and I walked myself Home into my Soul.

If you have not yet reached the level of connection you desire within your personal growth and really want to get to the end of it all, then I invite you to consider Remembering that YOU are the Healer and that YOU contain Medicine Within. No certification, spiritual association, or cultural implication needed. Liberation is here for everyone in every moment—if only we allow ourselves to truly Remember. §

The moisture in the air is my kiss waiting for you to inhale.  (Photograph by Tina FireWolf)

The moisture in the air is my kiss waiting for you to inhale.
(Photograph by Tina FireWolf)



Tina FireWolf is the author of a contemplative photography book, Beneath the Chatter, along with an album of her Soul Singing entitled, Medicine Within. Tina is igniting the world in elevating and navigating their human experience and stopping their spiritual spin. She shares the How of self-leadership and personal healing by empowering us to sing our souls free and lead everyday enlightened lives. Connect with her at