Charcoal Laughter

Chacoal Laughter
by Elizabeth Olushola Adeolu

I am fresh skinned and steel faced; 
The scars from yesterday’s fire are faded, 
My ash smudges have cleared, 
The sooty streaks from my tears are erased, 
My singed hairs from yesterday’s furnace
Have grown into tighter thicker curls. 

Did I remember to tell you? 
Did I remember to tell you? 
About the time I paid obeisance to sorrows? 
About the time I paid dues to despairs? 
I drank from the cup of self-pity, 
I was a faithful devotee, 
Every single day the same, 
Pouring libation at the altar of shame. 

But yesterday’s blaze was my final straw: 
I rose in holy anger, 
My face basked in hope, 
My hair glistening with willpower, 
My arms clenching loads of faith, 
I rose this morning and I laughed. 




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Elizabeth Olushola Adeolu is a Nigerian writer who currently resides in Edinburgh, UK, where she is studying for a postgraduate degree in Linguistics and English Language. She is the writer of the detective fiction, Chasing Facades. Her hobbies include writing, singing, and watching TV shows.