Erica Mazzarelli

When conceived truly, humbly, and authentically, art can allow us to experience an individualistic and self-reflective moment of time, thus gifting us with a sometimes rare opportunity for soulful reflection. In both philosophy and art, two uncontrollably interconnected subjects, we display our feelings and thoughts in an intimate manner of cognitive expression and interactional solidity.

Art projects not only our personal views of the world but also truths as we perceive them to be, whether or not we are consciously aware of them. The fruits of complex neural networking, pigment, and canvas can sometimes result in a rational and straightforward production, but more often ends up being a creation of alluringly vexing nature. Once created, the experience we have in the moment of reacting to art is, intriguingly, unreproducible by any mind of the past or future, which alone makes producing art a game of infinity. When it comes to creating works, the middle ground between abstractionism and rationalism is where I focus the majority of my efforts. §

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Erica Mazzarelli is an artist from Chatham, Massachusetts who currently studies at Boston College. She is currently working on writing and illustrating a short novel.