Would You Still Laugh My Friend?

Would you still laugh my friend?
By Rehema Aanyu                    

When my story becomes your story?
When the lies you told me are the same lies being told to you;
When your destiny and mine are intertwined by fate;
When you realize that the color of blood running in my veins runs in yours too;
When our children are united by the forbidden love we denied each other;
When you realize that my children’s dreams are your children’s dreams too?

Would you still laugh?
When the smell of my decomposing body interrupts your picnic lunches;
When your dogs dig up my dry bones from the land you took from me;
When the pain you inflicted on me is the pain inflicted on you;

When you realize that my salvation is your salvation?


Rehema Aanyu is a peace and social justice activist pursuing a Masters in Peace and Conflict Transformation at the University of Basel, Switzerland. After graduation from Makerere University in Uganda, she joined New Vision as a journalist for four years, focusing on social justice issues affecting women and children in Uganda. Through writing, she hopes to remind humanity of who we are together. Her creative short stories for children have been published in Ugandan newspapers.