You Walk My Follow

You walk my follow
by C. Perry Dougherty

You look at me with
eyes like brown roots searching
soil for water.I turn to focus
your gaze, but, by some grace,
you reach and find light.

Sun veiled canopy.
Aged dewdrops shine beneath
ground ferns and moss.

Seedlings struggle up,
clutching past new daytime mist
to splintered-down sky.

Ancestors tower.
A grand future—russet, green, gold—hides
along our damp path.

If small redwoods were
told to be tall, would they grow
still patient and strong?


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Perry Dougherty serves as a facilitator, spiritual director, and writer in her role as Director of the Institute for Spiritual Formation & Society of Still Harbor. She has a background working with non-profit social justice organizations. Perry tailors her programs, workshops, and efforts to explore how spiritual practice, creative expression, and narrative can enrich spiritual leadership for social justice. Perry is an ordained Interfaith Minister by One Spirit Interfaith Seminary and editor of Anchor magazine.