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Brian Kuehn

Brian is continually fascinated with the struggles and hard work of the generations who came before him. His ancestors immigrated from Germany in the late 1800s. He reflects on the fact that his grandmother lived in a sod house on the North Dakota prairie. Reflecting on her hard, yet beautiful, life served as part of Brian’s inspiration for the “Farmers Series.” Among the images in the series are many people picking crops and working the farm. These images are often a result of a combination of his personal experience growing up in rural America and inspiration from old photographs he found while searching archives. Whether painting landscapes or flowers or people, ultimately, Brian’s work is about telling stories.

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Stephen Hamilton

Stephen Hamilton’s work focuses on the aesthetics, philosophies, and key symbols inherent throughout Africa and the African Diaspora. He strives to create a dialogue between contemporary Black cultures and the ancient African world. He seeks to describe a complex and varied Black aesthetic through a visual comparison of that which is shared amongst Black peoples around the world. These cultural analyses—the aesthetic, philosophical, and symbolic connections—form his visual language. His pieces depict African thought and culture as equal to, yet unique from, its western analogue. His work stands in stark contrast to the pervasive negative associations, which have become synonymous with Black culture.

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Basil Kincaid

Basil Kincaid’s quest is to understand the wild tapestry of his own personal identity and cultural identity within the African Diaspora, contextualized by the scaffolding of his American experience. He practices self exploration, historical investigation, and critical social questioning to cultivate healing on a personal and cultural level, towards the remedy of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.

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