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From Silence to Speaking

I discovered silence for the first time on our frozen pond in Upstate New York in the winter, when my breath turned into clouds. Twigs snapped in the woods, but under that was a quiet that laced through the spaces between trees. It was a gentle quiet that held everything. I didn’t fully register it then, so focused on the scritch-scritch of my skates as I ankle-skated across the ice. 

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There Is A Lot Of Money In The Lake

Through the portraits and voices of community members in Muhuru Bay, Kenya, Kirby Erlandson explores what it means to speak truth to power by capturing glimpses of humanity through art. She writes, "These people I met in Muhuru Bay taught me about the human spirit’s enormous recuperative capacity, and about finding a path of resilience, courage, and action in the face of hardship and suffering."

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