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Basil Kincaid

Basil Kincaid’s quest is to understand the wild tapestry of his own personal identity and cultural identity within the African Diaspora, contextualized by the scaffolding of his American experience. He practices self exploration, historical investigation, and critical social questioning to cultivate healing on a personal and cultural level, towards the remedy of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.

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American Shadow: Healing our wounds, facing our grief

The first step in shadow healing is acknowledging that there’s a real issue going on that we can’t control or fix by ourselves with our own wills. Whether it’s a personal crisis or a collective crisis, we first acknowledge the seriousness of the problem. In terms of the larger picture and the planet, we are in a global crisis.

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From Despair to Gratitude: How Yoga Transformed One Mother’s Life

Several years ago, I set out to interview people who had undergone major challenges in their lives. Biliana Angelova's presence didn’t suggest to me that she had any difficulties in life. But, of course, I should have known better. Over the course of interviewing people, I came to see—and expect—that the people who seem strongest and most centered are often the very people who have been challenged most profoundly.

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