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Spirituality & Community Organizing

In this moment of disruptive change in our political environment I see both hope and real possibility to integrate traditional community organizing, social movement theory, and spiritual practices in order to bring our whole selves to the work of transforming systems and structures that oppress people and prevent them from realizing and sharing their gifts. 

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The Spirit of Restorative Justice

Sujatha Baliga found herself sitting in a room with a murderer and his victim’s parents, who had come seeking something more than punishment for their child’s killer. Sujatha, and the process of Restorative Justice, was uniquely positioned to help. In this interview, Sujatha teaches us about the practice of Restorative Justice and her personal experience.

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Eco-Conscientiousness & Eco-Activism in an Ecological Age

For those active in global discussions of challenge and change, there has been hope in hearing that business as usual is not an option; that transformative change is necessary. The questions now are about how this change will happen and who will make it happen.

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