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Bodies of Water

Human beings, we know, require water. It lubricates joints, cushions the brain and spinal cord, delivers oxygen, helps feed cells, regulates body temperature, and moves digestion forward. There is nothing like it. 

Water leaves our bodies through urine, sweat, and breath. It mostly enters through the mouth.

The part of the brain that senses thirst is the hypothalamus. This is also the part that maintains homeostasis, or that beautiful, delicate balance that counters external with internal. It responds to temperature and sleep, hunger, and moods. It constantly checks the body’s here with the world out there.

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Listening to Indigenous Voices: Reflections on my twenty years of service

At 5% of the world’s population, the 370 million Indigenous peoples around the world continue to face issues of violence and brutality, continuing assimilation policies, dispossession of land, forced removal and relocation, denial of land rights, impacts of large-scale development, abuses by military forces and a host of other trials.

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