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The Sea Shares Salt With The Breeze, Meeting Refugees in Lesvos, Greece

Becky Thompson reflects on greeting refugees in Greece: "On the first day, traveling along a beach road, I was greeted by a contingent of Syrian university students who had just made it across the Aegean Sea, almost dying after their raft had capsized. They motioned with their hands, explaining how they made their bodies quiet and aligned to keep the raft as steady as possible."

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From Despair to Gratitude: How Yoga Transformed One Mother’s Life

Several years ago, I set out to interview people who had undergone major challenges in their lives. Biliana Angelova's presence didn’t suggest to me that she had any difficulties in life. But, of course, I should have known better. Over the course of interviewing people, I came to see—and expect—that the people who seem strongest and most centered are often the very people who have been challenged most profoundly.

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