Perception, Fear, & Devotionals

Who am I? Think again
by Hetain Patel
TED Talks

What shapes your identity? What influences your concept of self? Do those same things influence your perception of others? Utilizing storytelling, visual art, and a series of different languages and accents, Patel demonstrates that “contrary to what we might usually assume, imitating someone can reveal something unique…even if it comes in a shape that we might not usually expect.” This playful talk invites us to move beyond the surface level, not only in perceiving others, but also in understanding our authentic selves.

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Meeting Racism, Homophobia and Close-Mindedness With Love and Compassion
by Chris Grosso
The Huffington Post

What causes you to judge others? What is at the core of those judgments? By highlighting how fear is often the root of judgment and prejudice, this article challenges us to break the cycle of hatred and negativity. Reflecting on our shared humanity, Grosso shares: “Instead of meeting others' fear and hatred with my own fear and hatred, I’d much rather look them in the eye with compassionate understanding and tell them it’s going to be okay – that we’ve all suffered, and in varying degrees, we all still hurt and suffer.” How might you channel more love and compassion in the face of fear?  

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The prayers inside the President’s Blackberry
by Joshua DuBois
CNN Belief Blog

Do you take daily moments for contemplation? How do you connect what is happening in your day-to-day with larger cultural, historical, and spiritual contexts? In this article, DuBois reflects on the service he has provided to President Obama for the past several years: sending him personalized daily devotionals. While we don't all have our own daily devotional writers, we can all seek out sources of daily contemplation. DuBois writes, “Like us, [Obama] wants to know how to love God and those around us and how to start each day with real, lasting peace.” Where might you find daily bits of contemplation, inspiration, and peace? (Like us on facebook for an almost daily dose from Still Harbor.)

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