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Going From Grumpy To Grateful
by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Having a bad day? In a funk? In this post, Oriah reflects on how authentic connection with others can lead to transformation. Recounting a personal experience, she shares: “Their lives are different than mine and yet, as so often happens when we are truly with another, we discover how connected we are. In extending myself to them and in receiving the gifts they offered to me, I reconnected to the goodness I know is life in each of us.” Grumpiness is certainly part of our shared humanity, and, luckily, so is our ability to open up and connect with the essential goodness of others.

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How ‘impermanence’ can help us all get along
by Maria Konnikova
The Boston Globe

Drawing upon one of Buddhism's three marks of existence—impermanence—the scientific research cited in this article has now shown that “if we embrace the centrality of impermanence, we aren’t just making ourselves more satisfied. We are changing how we view and judge the people around us – an act whose repercussion might be to bring them greater peace as well.” What have you deemed permanent in your life and how might you change your perception?

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The Sacred in Our Sacrifices
by Pat Christen
The Huffington Post

“How might we transform the choices we make, the sacrifices we make, and appreciate that they are part of creating sacred spaces for others and ourselves?” This is the hundred-dollar question posed by Christen in this article. Between the demands of the to-do list and the constant presence of technology, she reflects on how challenging it can be to be fully present in any given moment and yet how creating moments of presence can be experienced as sacred.

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