Suffering, Stillness, Shame


We offer these wise words by Sri Chinmoy as we contemplate our personal and collective responses to the death and suffering of so many in the Philippines. May we let the oneness of the world stir us to action.
The madness of this world
Cannot be conquered
By the sadness or the power
Of the world,
But only by the oneness
Of the world – hearts

(Oneness of World Hearts by Sri Chinmoy)

IMAGE_The Passion of Parenting - NYTimes.jpg

The Passion of Parenting
by Charles M. Blow
The New York Times

How do you cope when the world feels entirely overwhelming? Or when you’re moving so fast that you are never really present? In this article, Blow reflects how he has grappled with these questions in the context of parenting. Turning to his mother in those moments, she shares with him a lesson that applies to all facets of life: “you must allow yourself time to find stillness and so you can be moved by it. Sometimes we are so busy that we forget why we’re busy. We have so many things on our list of priorities that we lose sight of what’s really important.”

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Fundraising Best Practices, Meet Russell Brand.
by C. Perry Dougherty (Still Harbor's Associate Director)

Can we quiet the voice of shame and doubt of worthiness so that our authentic selves might be heard? In light of the upcoming fundraising season, Dougherty challenges us to contemplate how such a shift might allow us to more fully engage with ourselves and others. In this contemplative piece she reflects on how “[w]hen we work to cultivate authentic relationship, we can see and accept one another deeply, wholly, and completely as fellow human beings” leading us to “realize the interdependence of all life is a fundamental truth out of which our words and actions can grow and flourish if we let them.”

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