Wonder, Speed, & Culture

Ignite Your Childlike State of Wonder
by Jason Silva
“Shots of Awe” YouTube Series

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Have you ever witnessed a child touch a plant out of pure curiosity? Or watch a bird fly across the sky in complete awe? In this inspiring video, Silva reminds us that even though the mundane routines and responsibilities of adult life seem to trap us in a rut, that childlike state of wonder still exists at our core. He challenges us to “strive to re-enter these spaces, because they are the only spaces that have ever lead to visions that have transformed the world.” How might you rediscover your inner child, today and everyday?

Zen Pace
by Barry Spacks

Always in a hurry? Constantly racing from one moment to the next? With this beautiful poem, Spacks invites us to reflect on the speed with which we live life. Encouraging us to fill each moment with intention, he writes:

Wincing at waste, write pocket-notes
on the innocent sides of used pages, save
long distance calls till Sunday, chase
the last slipping rice grain around your plate
and even hurry slowly, acting
always with trustful slowness within,
mourning even the loss of a friend
with that dignity in her spirit never
gone…you have no need but to move,
sleep to waking, insult to love
happening to happening
at the pace of a gradual smile, at the pace
of the hammer-stroke heart
that proceeds to the next
full beat, and then the next.

The mindfulness business
by Schumpeter
The Economist

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Highlighting examples of the mindfulness movement from Silicon Valley to Harvard Business School, this article examines the dynamic interplay between the principles of Eastern religion and the culture of Western capitalism. While he acknowledges the need and benefits of mindfulness practices, Schumpeter also dares us to contemplate whether “Western capitalism seems to be doing rather more to change eastern religion than eastern religion is doing to change Western capitalism.”

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