A New Year of Inspiration, Hope, & Ubuntu

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10 Inspirational Quotes to Consider this New Year
by Laura Ashworth
elephant journal

As 2013 comes to an end, what are you grateful for? How might that gratitude help shape your framework for the new year? In this article, Ashworth challenges us to ground our resolution setting in what we have, rather than in what we lack. As inspiration and encouragement, she offers us "…a list of 10 quotes to remind myself, and anyone else who’s struggling with optimism, to see the world through a more abundant, and loving, lens."

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Hope in the new year
by Perry Dougherty
Still Harbor Blog: Meditations & Reflections

In contemplating the start of a new year, what comes up for you? This brief reflection is a reminder that regardless of how we orient to the new year, “…each of us inevitably carries a glimmer of some kind of hope that this new phase will give birth to some newness in us.” To help give voice to the hope(s) underpinning your contemplation of 2014, Dougherty offers a simple guided meditation to carry us into the weeks and months to come.


Choose to make 2014 a New Year of love and trust
by Robert V. Taylor

Where are love and trust in your life? How might you cultivate more of both in the new year? In this article, Robert Taylor, President of the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation, shares three important practices for incorporating more love and trust into everyday living. Based upon the African wisdom tradition of Ubuntu, Taylor articulates practical ways of bringing out loving intention, discovering goodness, and allowing healthy detachment. He concludes, "You are more fully alive and magnificent when fear of others is replaced by the choices to love and trust." Don't we all want to be fully alive and magnificent in 2014?

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