Making the link

This is our first post in a new weekly blog series. Every Wednesday, we will share a handful of links to articles, videos, and other content from across the wonderful world wide web that move and/or challenge us in our exploration of spirituality and society. We encourage you to share reflections and commentary on what we share here and out in your own communities. Enjoy!

There’s more to life than being happy.

by Emily Esfahani Smith

The Atlantic

Where do you stand in relationship to the pursuit of happiness? How do pursuing happiness and seeking meaning differ? This article explores the writings of Frankl and the question of life’s purpose. Do you know the “why” of your existence?

The Blend: Entrepreneurship & Contemplative Traditions

by Evan Steiner

How can contemplative practice guide you in all areas of your life? Watch Evan Steiner, Manager of Special Projects at Hub Bay Area, present how contemplative traditions have opened him up to new ideas and innovations at work.

Living with less. A lot less.

by Graham Hill

The New York Times

Do you have too much "stuff"? What do you really need to live? Most, if not all, contemplative paths promote "less is more" consumer choices. What does this mean for you? Read about how entrepreneur, Graham Hill, decided to scale back his footprint.