Breaking barriers

Every Wednesday, we share links to articles, videos,  and other content from across the wonderful world wide web that move  and/or challenge us in our exploration of spirituality and society. We  encourage you to share reflections and commentary on what we share here  and out in your own communities. Enjoy!

On Daring Greatly

by Oprah and Brené Brown

OWN Super Soul Sunday

We have used Brené Brown’s TED Talks in our workshops to introduce and explore themes of vulnerability and courage. She’s now on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday discussing her spiritual journey with these themes and others. Regardless of how you feel about Brené Brown (or Oprah) specifically, we want to ask you two central spiritual questions: What is your orientation to vulnerability—yours and that of others? Where is the intersection between Spirit and vulnerability in your story?


The Spirituality of Failure

by Trey Hall

Chicago Phoenix

How do you engage others in your work? How do you tell your story? What is the role of failure in your story? Could you open up to failure in a quest to discover wholeness? Rev. Trey Hall of Urban Village Church in Chicago writes here about a practice that can help us all open up more deeply to ourselves and to others by accepting failure.