The silence and the noise

Every Wednesday, we share links to articles, videos, and other content  from across the wonderful world wide web that move  and/or challenge us  in our exploration of spirituality and society. We  encourage you to  share reflections and commentary on what we share here  and out in your  own communities. Enjoy!

Finding God in the Depths of Silence

by Richard Rohr


What is your relationship to silence? Have you discovered a sacred silence in which you have felt your voice? Where is the space in your life to open up to the mystery of life and all its creations that is found silence? Richard Rohr writes, “Silence now seems like a luxury, but it is not so much a luxury as it is a choice and decision at the heart of every spiritual discipline and growth.” Read his complete contemplation on the matter that was published in Sojourners here.


Mindfulness Requires Practice and Purpose

by Alina Tugend

The New York Times

Mindfulness is sexy. It has scientific backing. It’s the hot new thing. Or is it? What is mindful practice really? What does it require of you? Why and how might you engage with it? If you are seeking happiness or a stress-free life, will you find it? Alina Tugend relays her experience trying to understand mindfulness practice in this article. We, like Alina, suggest that if you want to practice mindfulness, you should find a teacher. We also think that exploring the ancient contemplative roots of the practice is important. Because… frankly, it is not a new idea.

Living with a Whole Heart

by Oprah and Brené Brown

OWN Super Soul Sunday

As we mentioned last week, we enjoy a good dose of Brené Brown, whose research and writing opens up a new language to help us explore vulnerability and shame. We couldn’t help but share her second episode with Oprah because of her excellent understanding of how damaging comparative suffering can be on our lives. Do you hide your pain because you believe others are suffering more? How does your pain heal if it remains unspoken and judged? What happens if you share your pain with those who can hear it, regardless of whether it is petty or profound? Brené Brown says, “Compassion is not a pizza. It’s not finite… Compassion, empathy—infinite. It grows exponentially.”