Navigating difficult times

Spiritual Accompaniment for Difficult Times

by Still Harbor


What do we all need spiritually following a crisis, trauma, or difficulty? Tending to the spiritual discomforts that emerge after experiencing a critical incident in our lives or communities is very important to cultivating resilience, and it is impossible to do without resources and support. You may have spiritual resources and support all around. You may be seeking them. Either way, read this latest document posted on our website to learn more about spiritual accompaniment for difficult times.


No Room for Non-Theists at Boston Interfaith Service

by Becky Garrison


Signs throughout the city read, “We are One Boston.” Yet, there seems to be some resistance to living out the reality of what this slogan requires of us. The “Healing Our City” interfaith service apparently did not extend invitations to the secular, humanist, and atheist leaders of our city. To learn more about the event and the feedback from across the city, read Becky Garrison’s article. We urge you to consider—whatever your faith or moral tradition—how can we move our politics to more fully live out the notion of our interdependence?


Courage and Lurching

by Courtney Pinkerton


Have you ever seen a salmon make its way up river? Courtney Pinkerton helps us understand why sometimes the most courageous acts of our lives don’t feel graceful or smooth. Using Mark Nepo’s salmon metaphor, she shares how perhaps we—like the salmon—can use the power of a current to propel us forward. This may mean we have to be vulnerable and orient ourselves to challenges in a way that feels precarious. But after all, to the casual observer a salmon jumping upstream is purely courageous even if, to the fish, it is experienced as a dangerous “lurching.”