Words, waves, and well-being

"To This Day" ... for the bullied and beautiful

by Shane Koyczan

TED Talks 

In honor of the spoken word; in honor of self-acceptance; in honor of the beauty in all of us… we share this video of Shane Koyczan performing his poem, “To This Day.” Koyczan explores how hurtful children and adults alike can be to one another while simultaneously asking the difficult question of how as a society we should teach children to understand and love who they discover themselves to be. His expression bursts forth, confirming that yes indeed he is a writer, as he realized at age 19 when he wrote the words, “I will love myself despite the ease with which I lean toward the opposite.”


The Unexpected Antidote to Procrastination

by Peter Bregman

HBR Blog Network

What do all surfers (think waves and wetsuits) have in common? Peter Bregman found himself on the beach looking out at a bunch of surfers of various abilities fall off their boards into the water and stand up again. With clear insight, he shares how the mindset of a surfer may help us all avoid procrastination and, with practice, cultivate the courage, motivation, and skill needed to conquer some of life’s most difficult or dreaded tasks. His post offers helpful reflections on the fears and feelings that often prevent us from acting.


Reflections from Spiritual Directors International 2013

Interview with Colleen Sharka

by Lauren Spahn

Still Harbor Reflections Blog

How can you integrate spirituality in health care settings? What are the core components of spiritually-informed clinical care? Colleen Sharka shares reflections on her participation in the Spirituality and Health Care Institute at Spiritual Directors International 2013. In a thoughtful interview, she shares three essential components of providing spiritually integrated care as well as wonderful insights from leaders in holistic healing.