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Silent Retreat: Uncovering Our Interior Life

by Bruce Davis, Ph.D.

The Huffington Post Blog

What if, as a culture, we placed as much value on the exploration of inner space and the discovery of the universe that exists within as we do on outer space and the universe that we can gaze at above on a clear night?  Both are uncharted territories, in many ways, but the former demands silence and awareness while the latter requires action and analysis.  Bruce Davis challenges us to discern who we are when we are not thinking or doing.  His article offers guidance and encouragement for building an interior life by embracing silence and inner space. For “when the hands of our awareness are not carrying the demands of daily life, they are free, open, happy to carry nothing, which is seemingly everything.”

How Gratitude Can Help You Through Hard Times

by Robert A. Emmons

Greater Good

Is there a difference between feeling grateful and being grateful? Can we train ourselves to see the world from a place of gratitude? What would such an orientation offer us? Robert A. Emmons’ book Gratitude Works offers insight into how one might go about practicing gratitude in order to heal troubling memories and get through hard times. Check out the video in which he responds to the most common objections to gratitude like, “gratitude is passive resignation” or “it is impossible to be grateful in the midst of suffering.” Take a moment to explore the ways gratitude can transform us if we truly take on the spiritual and psychological challenge of cultivating it.


Caroline Kennedy on Learning Poems by Heart

The Poetry Foundation

When was the last time you recited words by heart? What is the meaning of those memorized words for you? Caroline Kennedy has a new book entitled Poems to Learn by Heart, which has something to offer people of all ages. Kennedy suggests, “If we learn poems by heart, we will always have their wisdom to draw on, and we gain an understanding that no one can take away.” Memorization and recitation of poetry offers a unique spiritual practice of both attention and expression. As we focus ourselves to absorb the words and emotions of another and then as we share that expression with others, we often discover a deep dialogue between the inner and outer experiences of our lives. Memorize and share a poem this week. And... check out our upcoming event, The Spoken Word on the Calendar.