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How Not to Be Alone

by Johnatha Safran Foer

The New York Times 

How do you practice mindful presence over the course of the day? Where do you allow your attention to be drawn? In this article, Jonathan Safran Foer explores how the habit of presence and attention can make us feel more connected and less alone. By investing the emotional work of being present with others, we learn to embrace our shared humanity. This mindfulness matters because just as “[t]he flow of water carves rock, a little bit at a time…our personhood is carved, too, by the flow of our habits.”

Connecting with People: The Positive Effects of Bonding With Absolutely Anyone

by Nicole Frehsée

The Huffington Post

Love. In this brief interview, Barbara Fredric, an author and expert in the field of positive psychology, shares her thoughts on the emotional and physical benefits to our warm, daily interactions with others. Connections, even with strangers, enhance our lives. This article advises us to “[s]pread the love. Not just with your partner, family, and friends but with people you hardly know, because the more loving you are in everyday life, the healthier you could be.”

Do You Believe?

by Kelly Mitchell

Social Justice Solutions

What do you believe that motivates you to serve? How do you preserve your convictions over the course of a day, a year, or a lifetime? In this article, Kelly Mitchell shares what it is that she believes in and explores how her faith in others allows her to remain positive and trust the goodness of life. She challenges us to acknowledge that each of us has “…an amazing responsibility and opportunity to give hope to others, to inspire, to lead by example, and to act with compassion, care and empathy. And all you have to do is believe.”