The presence of love

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Measuring the Immeasurable
by Phil Garrity
Partners In Health Blog

What happens when you stop doing? Is the idea of “non-doing” different from doing nothing? Reflecting on his time volunteering the slums of Lima, Peru, Garrity shares his deeply personal exploration of the “non-doing” side of service work. His beautiful meditation demonstrates his courage to sit with the vulnerability that makes use all human while evoking the inherent equity he knows between himself and those he serves. To us, Garrity's own words and essence serve “as a hopeful reminder for each of us to restore a balance between what we do and who we are, being careful to not forget the unconditional value of the latter.”


What My Grandparents Taught Me about Love
by Merete Mueller
Elephant Journal

How do you practice love? What does it require of us? In this piece, Mueller reflects on the practice of love as demonstrated by a man of few words – her grandfather. He loves with his presence and his being rather than through poetic letters and gifts. His story helps us understand that “[l]ove is a moment. It’s our ability to set aside all the stories in the world, everything we’ve ever told ourselves about who we are or who we want to be, what we wish we could express, and just pay attention to what’s happening right here instead.”


3 Powerful Questions That Can Transform Any Situation
by Preston Smiles
Huffington Post

What good is here? What is the highest choice? What would love do now? In proposing these three questions, Smiles challenges us to apply them to the difficult moments we encounter throughout our days. He shares some of his personal experiences about how living these questions allowed him to convert the negative to positive by manifesting love. This article is a call to remember “that not only is love all there truly is, but it is a powerful force that can transform any situation.”

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