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Awake Youth
by The Tricycle Foundation

How do you develop environments where youth feel safe to be themselves? This video highlights the work of the Awake Youth Project as they offer Brooklyn teens opportunities to participate in and explore mindfulness and meditation practices. Reflecting on the environment at her school in which she has to put on a front for others, one participant shares what she has learned from the program is “a way of noticing thought and letting it go and being with the present without judgment.” Watch the short film here.

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A Reluctant Millennial On The State of Church
by Meghan Florian
Religion Dispatches Magazine

Are you a millennial who attends church or is a member of a faith community? In contributing to the ongoing dialogue about the movement of millennials away from organized religion, this article in particular challenges a few core elements of the narrative about young people not participating in Christian communities. Florian invites us to explore another set of ideas, highlighting, "People come and go from the church, but perhaps we were never supposed to ‘go to’ church in the first place, because we are actually supposed to be the church. Those are different things."  How might millennials be seeking ways of “be[ing] the church” in the world? Are there parallels for other religious traditions?

The Secret To Loving Your Beautiful, Imperfect Life
by Kate Bratskeir
The Huffington Post

What is the difference between happiness and bliss? Do you have either? In reviewing possible ways of distinguishing the two experiences, Bratskeir quotes author Sean Meshorer who says, “’Bliss is an inward, authentic form of happiness that isn’t contingent on any outward circumstance.’” With the understanding that bliss can be cultivated within each of us, this article offers a few daily practices that may be helpful for bliss seekers.

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