A question, a voice, a passion

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A Question That Can Change Your Life
by Peter Bregman
Harvard Business Review Blog

What can I do, right now, that would be the most powerful use of this moment? How could this question change your life? In this article, Bregman challenges us to think through this question. He asks us to face our fears and take action in response to our answers. Based on his experiences, both personally and in working with leadership teams, he shares that “[h]aving the courage to take the kind of bold action that creates new opportunities is, possibly, the most critical skill a leader can have.”

Why I Left Google
by Ellen Huerta

In this thoughtful personal reflection, Huerta shares her exploration of authenticity, truth, and identity as she struggled to branch off a successful career path that was not aligned with who she is and what she wants from life. After working through the challenges of embracing her truth, she has transformed her world, expressing, “for the first time in my life, my identity is not 100% tied to my accomplishments, I care less about what people think of me and I spend more time on work that feels right. I am improving my ability to listen to my inner voice and not judge what it wants. I can question myself and answer truthfully.”

How to Face Your Pain in the Pursuit of Passion
by Caitlin Rose Kenney
Elephant Journal

What is your passion? What stops you from pursing that passion? Kenney invites us to break down the barriers of fear that prevent us from following what we love. A critical step in that process is acknowledging the reality that “[i]f you pursue your passion you can’t help but share it, and when you share it two things happen: reinforcement and rejection.” Though rejection can be terrifying and painful, she reminds us that without risking it, “we would lose out ability to distinguish how we feel, how we love and who we are.”  

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