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Ground Truthing
by Devon Fredericksen with Terry Tempest Williams

In this transcribed interview, activist and writer, Terry Tempest Williams, asks the questions, "...how do we take our anger and transform it into sacred rage? How do we create a language that opens the heart instead of closing it, a language that creates community rather than divides it?" And she responds to her own questions saying, "[t]o bear witness is not a passive act." Read the article in Guernica Magazine to understand more deeply what she means in this response. From finding voice to not turning away from suffering to discovering the beauty of all life, Williams' wisdom is worth spreading.

Presidents, Pastors and Purpose Seekers: Finding the Balance Between Action and Contemplation
by Matthew Dowd
Huffington Post Blog

Have you allowed your vacation time this year to be filled with contemplation? Do you create time to rest and calibrate the pace of your life each week? In this article, Dowd reflects on the importance of integrating contemplation into the action of life and work, writing, "[s]ome people think contemplation takes away our drive in the world. In truth, it enhances and deepens it. It allows us to work in the world from a place of abundance rather than scarcity." How might you find more time to contemplate this fall?

Letting Go of Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda
by Joelle Collard
Elephant Journal

Is time with loved ones more valuable to you than going to the gym? Whatever your answer, Collard tells us, "Accept it. No judgement. Move on." But what if you really should work out? That might become a question of examining, assessing, and realigning (if needed) your own personal values. Too often, we accept what the outside world tells us we should want out of life without doing the work of really looking at what it is that we personally value in life. Collard's blog post helps demonstrate that the shoulds, coulds, and woulds are unhelpful and become unnecessary if we each individually align our lives to what we value most.

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