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As Kenya begins the first of three days of mourning, we raise up the words of Kofi Awoonor – a poet, diplomat, academic, and activist whose inspiration transcended far beyond the boarders of his native Ghana. We invite you to share this poem and stand in solidarity with the loved ones of Kofi Awoonor and of the many others known and unknown to us who lost their lives at Westgate Mall in Nairobi this week.

by Kofi Awoonor

When our tears are dry on the shore
and the fishermen carry their nets home
and the seagulls return to bird island
and the laughter of the children recedes at night
there shall still linger the communion we forged
the feast of oneness whose ritual we partook of

There shall still be the eternal gateman
who will close the cemetery doors
and send the late mourners away
It cannot be the music we heard that night
that still lingers in the chambers of memory
It is the new chorus of our forgotten comrades
and the halleluyahs of our second selves

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The Pope’s Radical Whisper
by Frank Bruni
The New York Times

What does it mean to lead with humility? Frank Bruni suggests that Pope Francis is offering us all a remarkable example of humble leadership. In this article, Bruni articulates the refreshing way that Pope Francis has offered us all “the revelation that a man can wear the loftiest of miters without having his head swell to fit it, and can hold an office to which the term ‘infallible’ is often attached without forgetting his failings.”

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Where Business Elite Succeed and Fail With Meditation
by Bruce Davis, Ph.D.
The Huffington Post

The recent spike in popularity of meditation, particularly in the business world, begs us to ask the question: why are we meditating? What is our intention? In this article, Bruce Davis challenges us to embrace the complete “inner adventure that meditation by its very nature includes” and, furthermore, not to limit our intentions for meditation to traditional ego-driven desires for success.

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