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Is Spiritual Growth the Key to Leadership Growth?
by Jeff Giesea

How do you grow as a leader? Does leadership development differ from traditional professional development? This post challenges us to ask these questions and to discern what makes a leader great. Reflecting on his experience as an executive coach, Giesea shares his discovery: “Spirituality is the equivalent of core strength for leaders. It’s the wellspring of all the traits we associate with leaders: conviction, inner strength, humility, compassion, and my favorite, fearlessness.” How might you continue to cultivate the leader within you?

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My Homage to MLK
by Michael Nagler

How did you honor Dr. King’s legacy this week? How might you pay homage to him not only for a day or week, but also in how you live your life? By diving deeply into MLK’s belief and practice of nonviolence and compassion, Nagler notes that “When he says that ‘darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hatred cannot drive out hatred; only love can do that,’ he is pointing out a simple, polar difference between the two forces that determine the quality and direction of our life.” This article invites us each to bring more light and love into the world.  

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New ‘SoulPulse’ app lets users monitor their spirituality in real time
by Cathy Lynn Grossman
The Washington Post 

When do you feel most spiritually connected? What daily activities enhance or diminish your sense of spirituality? These questions are the driving force behind SoulPulse, a new app-based study of spirituality in daily life. By inviting participants “to monitor your inner, deepest self, your emotional and spiritual well-being, with real-time, realistic information,” the initiative offers feedback on how best to nurture our souls. How might your habitual actions and choices deepen your spirituality? 

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