The Golden Rule

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Finding Compassion For Yourself
by Karen Armstrong
The Huffington Post

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” Which half of the golden rule do you pay most attention to? When was the last time you honored your talents instead of criticizing your flaws? Citing the late rabbi, Albert Friedlander, Armstrong reminds us that compassion is at the core of humanity and “…if you cannot love yourself, you cannot love others.”  This article offers three practical practices for learning how to love and embrace our whole selves and, thereby, the world around us.

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Founder of Haley House steps away
by Adrian Walker
The Boston Globe

Where do you gather together with community? Do you ever envision ways of breaking down the barriers between people in your neighborhood? This article highlights the history, mission, and people behind Haley House, a neighborhood café in Boston’s Dudley Square. What started as a small shelter to serve the homeless in the area has organically evolved into “a community center masquerading as a restaurant” that represents the soul of the neighborhood. Read more for inspiration.  

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The 11 keys of spiritual activism
by Velcrow Ripper
Matador Network

We pulled this great article out of the archives to remind us of the meaning of spiritual activism: “[I]t is simply activism that comes from the heart, not just the head, activism that is compassionate, positive, kind, fierce and transformative.” How might you bring more heart into your activist endeavors this year? Check out what Ripper, from the documentary, Fierce Light: Where Spirit Meets Action, has to say here.

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