Where's Compassion?


Just One Thing: Be at Peace with the Pain of Others
by Rick Hanson
Greater Good Science Center

“How do you find that sweet spot in which you are open, caring, and brave enough to let others land in your heart…while also staying balanced, centered, and at peace in your core?” Hanson explores this question that confronts us all in life, and in social justice work in particular. By offering a framework of compassion and pragmatism in this article, he invites us to practice so that we may each find our own sweet spot.


How to Stop Time
by Anna Della Subin
The New York Times

Delving into the history of procrastination from Saint Expeditus in A.D. 303 to its prominent role as a diagnostic symptom of mental illness, this article challenges us to practice self-compassion and acceptance in this productivity-driven age. For, as Subin wonders: “Whatever you’re doing, aren’t you by nature procrastinating from doing something else? Seen in this light, procrastination begins to look a lot like just plain existing. But then come along its foot soldiers – guilt, self-loathing, blame.” How might you observe, reflect on, and question that seamlessly never-ending “to-do” list?


Names of God
by Matthew Fox

What is your concept of God? How has it evolved over time? In this article, Fox reminds us that as the world changes so do our connections to self, others, and the sacred or unknown. Drawing from different faith traditions, he notes: "The Jewish and Muslim mantra of the One God…opens us to a new practice: Find God in one being, any being—a leaf, a flower, a star, a galaxy, a person, an animal, a musical piece, a poem, a bridge." Where might you find the sacred today?

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