Where's the Story?


Finding Answers In Our Stories
by Alva Noë
NPR: 13.7 Cosmos & Culture

What makes you believe in a story? What makes a story true? In this article, Noë challenges us to consider that “History is made up of stories and stories are often slightly less than, or maybe slightly more than, the truth.” Applying this concept to abstract yet divisive issues, such as the existence of God, he invites awareness and discernment around facts that can be proven true and stories that embody value and importance.


Breaking barriers in New Haven
by Farah Stockman
The Boston Globe 

What walls exist in your life? How were they built? How might they come down? This article explores the powerful role of barriers in shaping our orientation to the “other side” and to the world at-large. Reflecting on demarcations that have divided communities, cultures, and histories, Stockman notes: “Every wall has a story. The story of this one, and the battle to tear it down, shows how complicated race and class have become in America.” What stories do your walls tell?  


Another Tea?
by Malte Alberdi
The New York Times

This short video offers a beautiful snapshot of a ritual that has cultivated and sustained the friendships of a group of Chilean women for the last 60 years. Tea, pastries, and storytelling have offered them a sacred space for community and reflection. In discussing the beauty of these monthly gatherings, they share: "A very important aspect to note about our friendship is that we can repeat the same stories two or three times and nobody will say 'you already told me so.'" What rituals offer you a sacred space?

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