Where's Peace?


Still Harbor’s Colleen Sharka Interviewed on “Better Living with Liz Walker”
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How do you heal from grief and trauma? Where might you find connection in the healing process? Still Harbor is honored to be working with Rev. Liz Walker and Roxbury Presbyterian Church’s Social Impact Center on a pilot program to heal the spiritual wounds of trauma at a community-based level. By facilitating “practices of deep listening and sharing, mind-body awareness, and community engagement…[the program] allow[s] individuals to take steps to build back up their sense of connection, relationship, and wholeness.” Watch the video here to learn more about the program and the power of healing together.


Honoring Desmond Tutu on his birthday: 3 ways to create inner peace
by Robert V. Taylor
Fox News

In celebration of the birth of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, this article invites us to reflect on how we might cultivate more peace in our lives. Based on the principle that “Peace and well-being within your own life is the foundation for contributing to peace between the people in your community or country and among the diverse global human family,” Taylor offers a few concrete approaches to practicing peace in your daily life. How might you utilize these practices to elevate yourself, others, and the world?


I am the son of a terrorist. Here’s how I chose peace.
by Zak Ebrahim

How do you release hatred? What tools help you practice compassion and love instead? In this inspiring talk, Ebrahim shares the suffering and beauty of his personal journey through teachings of hatred and intolerance to a space of peace and acceptance. In honor of the millions of choices we make each day, he proclaims: "I stand here as proof that violence isn't inherent in one's religion or race, and the son does not have to follow the ways of his father." How might you choose peace?

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