Celebration of Love

In what ways do you practice being love? How have you integrated daily acts of love into your life? In celebration of love this week, we invite you to share your love practices with us so that we may inspire each other to spread more love in the world. Whether it be a meditation, a photo, an anecdote, a letter, or a sound bite, send us something that reflects your practice to info@stillharbor.org.

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Love letters to strangers
by Hannah Brencher

Our challenge to you this week is to spread the depth of your loving spirit wherever you go and to whomever you meet. For inspiration, watch this great TED Talk about an inspired young woman who began sending love letters to strangers.

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The courage to stay in one place
by Nikki Hodgson
Matador Network 

How do you cope with disappointments and challenges? What is your favorite escape? Whether your instinct is to loose yourself in a novel, go for a long run, or pack a bag, like Hodgson, this beautiful reflection reminds us that “There is bravery in staying still long enough for everything to catch up with you, in trusting that whatever it is, it won’t drag you down.” How might you create more stillness in your life?  

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The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship
by Jessica Bruder
Inc. Magazine

How do you define your own personal success? By discussing the fears and vulnerabilities that accompany entrepreneurial leadership, this article offers insight into the critical importance of our sense of self-worth to our happiness and success. In citing examples of how financial success so often leads to anxiety and depression, Bruder notes the power of “…cultivating an identity apart from your company. ‘Build a life centered on the belief that self-worth is not the same as net worth.’” How might you ground your sense of self-worth in love for your whole self?

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