Story, Wings, Soul

Can a New Twist on a Native American Tradition Help Solve America's
Prison Crisis?
by Kenneth Miller

In this article, Miller shares how the Native American spiritual practice, Council, has helped cultivate empathy amongst a diverse group of prisoners in a high-security facility. His account is proof that transformations can unfold when people are offered a safe and sacred space to give voice to their vulnerability and to be receptive of others'. As the program facilitator notes, "'It is really difficult, when you encounter someone whose story has moved you, to demean or hurt them... The bell of recognition cannot be unrung.'" How might you find connection and compassion by receiving the stories of those
different from you?

Why I Retired At 26
by Rashard Mendenhall
The Huffington Post

How do you avoid being boxed into stereotypes? How do you stay true to yourself? In this reflection, NFL Running Back Rashard Mendenhall shares how his love for football has helped to shape yet does not define him as a person: "My wings spread a lot further than the acceptable athletic stereotypes and conformity was never a strong point of mine. My focus has always been on becoming a better me, not a second-rate somebody else." How might you honor your authentic self?

Why I've Stopped Putting Anyone on a Pedestal
by Jamie Lauren Zimmerman
The Huffington Post

Who are your heroes? Do you elevate them above yourself? Zimmerman challenges us to break down this false sense of hierarchy for, as she shares, "the very part of me that is capable of putting someone on a pedestal above me is the same part of me that erroneously believes any other being could be below me." In this article, she invites us to approach each encounter with the goal "to connect beyond labels, beyond egos, and truly meet each person at a soul level...This is a practice of love." Let us practice love.

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