Fluidity, Purpose, Solitude

Identity Politics and Spiritual Politics: Our Dance of Connection and Separation
by John A. Powell

How do you engage with change? By exploring the changing demographics, economics and politics in today’s world, Powell challenges us to breakdown identity barriers and to invite in creativity and compassion into our lives and institutions. He notes, “More fluid identities will require and support more fluid structures…our lives are changing as we caringly engage with each other and the earth.” Read this article for more insights on how freedom can be found in fluidity.

Quantum Mechanics, Spirituality and Leadership
by Rajeev Peshawaria

What constitutes a leader? How is leadership cultivated? Despite the vast array of leadership and management trainings available today, “very few people manage to develop really deep conviction in their purpose and values, and therefore are devoid of leadership energy.” By citing the stories of leaders such as Soichiro Honda and Walt Disney in this article, Peshawaria offers a framework for leadership based on purpose rather than authority. If you’re interested in exploring your sense of purpose, check out Still Harbor’s Purpose Workshop and watch our calendar for future workshop dates.  

The Sweet Spot of Being Alone
by Brandie Smith
elephant journal

Does carving out time for spiritual practice seem daunting? How might you bring more intention to the small moments of alone time throughout your day? This video montage invites us to go deeper in our exploration of the moments when we are in the company of ourselves. In her rhythmic spoken word, Smith reminds us how “lonely is a freedom that breathes easy and weightless and lonely is healing if you make it.” How might you find this kind of sweetness in your solitude?