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Zainab Salbi + i AM HERE
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In celebration of women’s history month, we offer you this inspirational video from last fall. Reflecting on how her process of self-discovery began with her silence, Salbi shares how her calling to work with marginalized and vulnerable women in the world taught her that “The inner journey, the journey of owning your voice, the journey of owning your story and still getting out of it and realizing the full picture is the hardest one to make.” Watch here to hear more about the beauty of her transformation.

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Spirit of Spring: A New Celebration
by Lauren Spahn
Still Harbor Blog: Meditations & Reflections 

How do you welcome in spring? What celebrations does the season offer you? In this blog post, Spahn reflects on how her experience of the month of March has transformed over time. Beyond the hope of spring in near future, she challenges herself (and us) to share in a new and collective celebration this year: Happy Women's History Month! 

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This is What I Believe.
by Sara Rodriguez
elephant journal

What do you believe – about yourself, about the world around you, about the unknown? In this reflection, Rodriguez shares what it is that she believes with an eloquence that honors not only life’s blessings, but also its lessons. She offers this quote from M.H. Clark, I Am Her: “…But before all of that, she wants to respect herself. As is. Even the shaky parts. Because even the shaky parts have a shine to them that doesn’t fade.” What would it mean to let your shaky parts shine?

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