The Dream, The Pixie Dust, & The Complexity

Dreaming Of The 2014 Boston Marathon. My Sweet Dream
by Jon Katz

In honor of the year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, we’re offering you this simple reflection. We found that Katz’ words dared us each to dream about the world each of us wants to see in the wake of the violence and trauma we have experienced and witnessed in this city. We dare you to join us in dreaming about the world that you want to see and to courageously turn your dream into reality by living the values that your vision holds. Use this anniversary to reclaim the ways you want to exist in community with others.

Pharrell Williams Finally Front and Center
by Oprah Prime

How do you know yourself and share your voice with the world? In this short video clip, Pharrell Williams reflects on the personal realization and transformation that unfolded for him between his first and most recent albums. In sharing how bringing intention to his own unique voice and purpose has reshaped his understanding of success, he notes: “the only thing I was paying attention to was the pixie dust and the magic trick and not the purpose…it was the aesthetic and not the vertebrae.” How do you discover and lead with the vertebrae of your own voice and purpose?

How It Feels When White Women Cross to the Other Side of the Street
By Gordon Braxton
The Huffington Post

In the spirit of raising awareness about sexual assault this month, this article offers us a thought-provoking and personal perspective on the complex layering of social injustices that exist in the fabric of our society. As an African-American male committed to creating a more just world, Braxton shares how, for him, “[i]t is finding colleagues that are committed to the eradication of both racial in justice and gendered violence that is the tough challenge.” The lesson he offers us here motivates us to reflect on how, perhaps, we can honor the complexity of our identity driven existence by embracing the simple truths of our shared humanity. We are all human and therefore worthy of dignity and respect.

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