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Marathon Monday: A Year Later
Still Harbor Blog: Meditations & Reflections

In celebration of Marathon Monday, Still Harbor staff shared their reflections on life and humanity in the context of last year’s tragedy. Musing over themes of grief, resilience, compassion and community, Perry Dougherty contemplates “How can we take the experience, torturous and triumphant as it was, of the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013 and move forward in a way that sees the dignity and humanity of each and every person in this community?” while Ruth Nkemontoh offers a personal exploration of the question: “How can we give ourselves permission to simply be with the pain without giving into the fear that we will be crippled by that pain?” We invite you to check out our full blog posts here.

Should you live for your résumé…or your eulogy?
by David Brooks
TED Talk

In this short talk, Brooks explores the two sides of our nature: “the worldly, ambitious external side of our nature who wants to build, create” and “the humble side of our nature…who wants not only to do good, but [also] to be good.“ He challenges us to honor the latter by confronting our weakness in spite of a culture that favors only boasting our strengths. How might you live for your eulogy rather than your résumé? 

Is God Just Not That Into Me?
by Stacey D’Erasmo
The New York Times

How do you find the courage to trust? Her relationship with a Buddhist priest challenges D’Erasmo to reflect on this question and to further explore her interior life. In this article, she shares her discovery of the beautiful synergy between her partner’s spiritual practices and her practice of writing: “And why do I sweat over words day after day? How do I know it matters? The answer is both ‘I don’t know’ and ‘It just does.’” What personal beliefs or practices invite you into that space where the unknowing and knowing coexist?

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