Reframing Perspectives

Harvard Chaplain: Black Mass Is Permissible but Unwise
by Greg M. Epstein

In response to the proposed staging of a controversial “black mass” by a Harvard student group this past week, this post offers a perspective rooted first and foremost in respect. Rather than denigrate or demonize, Epstein invites “us all [to] do what we can to seek true dialogue and true understanding of those with whom we disagree.” What doors might open should you choose to knock with respect rather than criticism?

An Open Letter to Bill Maher From a Muslim American
by Rabia Chaudry

How are hatred and intolerance cultivated? Chaudry offers her perspective on this question as it relates to the experience of being a Muslim in America. In doing so, she shares all the ways Islam has been a force for good and wonders aloud, “Whose experience of Islam is legitimate?”

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He Got A Good Idea From The Internet, Put It On A Cardboard Sign, And Made It Real
by Carly Gillis

Has an interaction with a stranger ever brightened your day? In an effort to inspire kindness, college student Chris Aschmoneit made a sign that reads: “Wanna talk? I’ll listen.” In this article, he shares the beauty of his experiences. How do you inspire connection like this?

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