Dimensions, Dignity, & Design

A Life Beyond ‘Do What You Love’
by Gordon Marino
The New York Times

In this thought-provoking article, Marino explores the complex dynamics of the notion ‘do what you love.’  Delving into the interplay between occupation and self-fulfillment, he references Dr. King who "taught that every life is marked by dimensions of length, breadth and height. Length refers to self-love, breadth to the community and care of others, and height to the transcendent, to something larger than oneself." What are the dimensions of your life?

“Human rights & religion need each other” says NY Kairos Center expert
by Larry Cox
Women News Network

What draws you to social justice work? Why are you concerned with human thriving? In citing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in this article, Cox notes that “inherent dignity connects us with every other human being, and thus to the order and purpose of our world.” Still Harbor believes that the essence of that connection is the foundation of spirituality – across faiths, traditions and practices. How do you experience inherent dignity in your call to service?

What Our Recent Obsession With Mindfulness Really Means
by Samantha Cole
Fast Company

In response to the continued buzz around mindfulness in the media, this article offers a snapshot of the history and evolution of the concept’s Western image. By sharing a handful of different examples of practices and benefits, Cole reminds us that “[m]indfulness doesn’t have to be an activity reserved for those who can afford work-appropriate yoga pants. The whole point is to put away outside worries and be present, after all.“ How might you be present by design?

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