Rising, Healing, Drowning

Maya Rises
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In celebration of a life lived with passion, compassion, humor and style, we honor the beauty, grace and courage of Maya Angelou today. May we find inspiration in her mission to thrive and capacity to always rise:

“Just like the moons and like the suns,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I’ll rise…”

Read the full poem and watch her powerful recitation of Still I Rise here.

Free yoga, mindfulness lessons to help vets…
by Michelle Boorstein
The Washington Post

With so many wars coloring our recent history, how do we allow Memorial Day to collectively embrace the suffering and loss of our veterans? What are the ways that we can together heal from the traumas of war? Founded by an Iraq war veteran, Armour Down took the opportunity “to create ‘Mindful Memorial Day,’ a series of classes and talks and an art installation meant to boost veterans’ programs for meditation and yoga to art and music therapy” as highlighted in this article.

Faking Cultural Literacy
by Karl Taro Greenfeld
The New York Times

How do you engage in social and cultural chit chat? Have you ever claimed to really know a story that you have merely gleaned from headlines and tweets? This article offers commentary on our cultural tendency to present nuggets of information that we’ve consumed as deep knowledge or, worse, our own original perspectives. As Greenfeld contemplates, “Perhaps it is this fear of submersion that is behind this insistence that we’ve seen, we’ve read, we know. It’s a none-too-convincing assertion that we are still afloat.” How might you release your fear and go deep?  

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