Sooth, Ride, & Smell

To the dying, spiritual caregivers can be godsend
by Steve Maas
The Boston Globe

This article offers insights into the transformative role that spiritual care professionals, independent of religious affiliation, can play in helping patients and their families find peace as part of end of life care. By sharing the personal anecdotes of different spiritual caregivers, Maas highlights the importance of cultivating purpose, community, and acceptance in “heal[ing] the mind and soul, even as the body is failing.” What practices sooth your spirit in times of pain?

Faith in social justice
by Paul Massari
Harvard Gazette

“With young Americans turning away from organized faith communities, though, can religion really play a part in progressive social movements…?” asks Massari. This interview with Dan McKanan of Harvard Divinity School explores the interplay between mainstream religious organizations and spiritually independent individuals in building movements that promote social justice. Citing the Civil Rights Movement, McKanan notes the natural tendency “for secular progressives to seek out the organizational strengths of religion.” How might you find deeper meaning and connection in your activist or service work?

Buddhist Teacher Jack Kornfield On Gratitude, The Mindful Revolution, And Learning To Embrace Suffering
by Carolyn Gregoire
The Huffington Post

When do you experience gratitude? Discussing gratitude in the context of not only joy, but also suffering, Western Buddhist master Jack Kornfield shares: “The poet Pablo Neruda writes, ‘You can pick all the flowers, but you can't stop the spring.’ Life keeps recreating itself and presenting us with miracles every day.” As you read this article, we invite you to bring your awareness to the miracles that bloom around you this spring.

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